The Lovers + Knight of Cups, Girlfriend´s + Insight


Themes: "friendship" + "spontaneous epiphanies produces different visions of events"

Girlfriend's Tarot: The Lovers
"...important choices await you, perhaps between emotional love and lust or between following your mind or your instincts"
Insight Tarot: Knight of Cups
"...describes a pleasant atmosphere, filled with benevolence, cordiality, and warmth; here romantic acquaintances form, dates are proposed, and visiting places where meetings of emotionally gifted people interested in each other frequent."
"...a lover not for the brilliance of skin, but for the bloom of the soul."
""An image of a new love" (in relationships, work, hobbies, or friendship), pleasant proposals and opportunities, initiation of friendly or romantic contacts"
"enriched connection with a creative, dreamy person"