The Lovers, Tree Tarot


Theme: "slow, steady, organic growth"

The Tarot of Trees. I have both a physical and digital version.
Card: The Lovers
"The Lover are intertwined in the heat of summer. Their trunks grow as one, forming a heart. They are joined forever and share nutrients and life-force, and they depend in each other for support and balance. This is one of the definitions of love."
"...a card about physical unions and connections. This cards is often opposed to the Hierophant, as the Lovers is about personal choices, beliefs, and individual values instead of the establishment. This card could represent true love in your life or could describe a suitor, a romantic involvement, or a lover. While affairs of the heart is involved, it is not necessary about an infatuation but rather a deep, meaningful love, such as love between soul mates. The Lovers can also represent an attunement or connection with others. This card can also represent the difficult choices in life that are of a personal nature: tune into your inner wisdom and the correct choice will make itself known."