The Magician, Journey Into Egypt Tarot


Theme: "In Search of Your Civilizational/Non-Personal Duties/Responsibilities"

Deck: The Journey Into Egypt Tarot
Card: The Magician
"...a visual metaphor between the nursing child and his lactating mother."
"It is the same deep, magical connection [that] nourishes our souls and ultimately makes us immortal."
"The creative process requires giving one's self to the greater whole to accomplish the work required to manifest the inspiration."
"Fertility, fecundity, abundance and prosperity are the blissful facets of the creative process."
Shadow: the possibility of feeling "overwhelmed by the demands of her creation."
"...a need to give in equal portions to her child's appetite to create. The more we give to the hungry demanding creative process, the more inspiration the Muse seems to offer."
"Someone who has the ability to utilize his environment to things happen"
The necessity of "being the mother of invention"
"Keep your eyes open for what might be lacking in your life or in a creative process. This is likely the gift you were supposed to bring to the world."
"This card will mark the spot where creation needs to begin. This is where you bring something new to a starving world."