The Magician, New Vision Tarot


Theme(s): Looking at things from New Perspectives

Card: The Magician
"Dexterity" ("skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands")
"Original Ideas"

Today I have really got a feeling of what "love" is - that unconditional love that goes beyond your own opinions, thinking and emotions. I have felt deep love for life, and for souls beyond their personality.
I have experienced and felt what I believe is what "the Buddha is talking about". Things that I before only have had intellectual "understanding" of. 

"The Magician is the Tarot's card of being genuine and open, and transparent in any interpersonal dealings. This is the card of making it happen because you practice what you preach. The Magician is the complete package." (

I have spent most of today in what I assume "the wise" talk about when they say Bliss.
Pure unconditional love and deep seated unshakeable joy! 

The whole experience originated in "performing tasks, with my hands" - tasks that I have "definite opinions" about, which I could totally detach from, and instead totally ACCEPT and BE in THE NOW and ... ENJOY THE NOW, like nothing else existed (which, by the way, is the ultimate truth)...!

Amazing experience - and words are not enough to describe it!

Wow! Now I truly KNOW the truth - not just by thought, belief or conviction - but by experience trough total fusion with the now.

"This is the card of making things happen, being in control, getting what you want because you understand how to earn it ... and impressing everyone in the process of doing what comes natural to you."

"The table represents bringing in our own constructs and belief systems into the natural world. We change the universe we live in with our perceptions. That each of the Tarot's suits is represented indicates that The Magician has the power and control over these things. Cups represent emotions, wands indicate creativity, pentacles are money and issues of the material plane, while swords represent the cerebral sphere of human activity and the verbal expressions inspired within that area. The Magician has domain over these areas of your life and is casting a spell to influence them. This is the card that indicates the ultimate level of control over your life and the events in it." (