The Magician pos2, Javanne Tarot


Theme: "to paint a dream", "that which comes to you effortlessly", "free yourself from the brain", choice-less awareness

It's quite a powerful feeling to manage to "free yourself from the brain". Things - some expected, but mostly unexpected possibilities - effortlessly comes. 

Card: The Magician, pos.2
"In the centre of the picture The Magician stands holding two magical wands. The blue wand symbolises mental power; the orange, the spark igniting creation. In us the wands are truth and love and The Magician is the will to go beyond our self; the willingness to develop and utilise the power of the wands for the benefit of the whole."
2nd position: "New knowledge and old wisdom meet and set new roots."
"The day is new. Make use of it. The Magician tells you, that precisely now is a good time to think that today is a totally new day, offering completely new possibilities for change."
" are able to receive much concrete advice on your worldly life from an instinctive source in your subconscious."