The Magician, Steampunk Tarot


Theme: "as if life was a mechanical system", or "managing (a) traditional world/people"

Steampunk Tarot app.
Card: The Magician
"Magic is always there. Learn to feel it."
Core meaning "Using knowledge, resources , and will to create change in the world."
"You didn't see all the hours - the long days and nights over many months - that he spent studying the ancient texts, conducting experiments, learning the qualities and characters of the elements, and fine-tuning his techniques." The years I've spent on studies in the "unknown" are by now quite a few. Years and years, where my head kept screaming, WHY?!
"You see the moment it all comes together, when all that work culminates as he feels the energy gather above his head, swirling, intensifying. He and magic are one. He has manifested change in the world according to his will."
"The Magician is a master of magic. He has learned to sense the energy of the universe and has become adept at directing it. These skills allow him to accomplish nearly impossible tasks in a way that appears effortless. Don't be fooled, though. He acquired those skills through discipline and practice. The accomplishments are more than the results of mere hard work. They contain an undefinable something."
"Think of two piano players. One is technically perfect and sounds quite amazing. The other is also technically perfect and sounds...otherworldly. The second player has tapped into the magical energy of the universe and encourages that energy to swirl in and around and through everything he does."
"When you receive The Magician in your reading, it is time to make some magic in your life. Creating magic requires, first and foremost, an understanding of your will. You must know what it is you want to create. Second, you will need to bring your very best skills into play. Third, magic requires connection with the universe and the energies involved. The secret in this cars is that you already have all of that: will, skills, and connection. Recognize and use the resources at your disposal. If your faith in yourself is faltering, this card shows up to remind you of how skilled you are and how powerful the universe is."

Inspired by this I bought a new (digital) deck..!
Wizards Tarot.
Ask this one on what to focus on regarding making some magic in this moment? YES! (dice: 1)

Card: Ace of Pentacles.
Answering ponderings given in the app:
Pentacles: resources
Ace: new beginning
Symbols: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn - I'm thinking details-grounded-strong. Snow, portal, creature - I'm referring to current weather and yesterday's door.
I'm drawn to the creature - I'm sensing fear. Fear of entering a new door. It looks cosier and safer on this side of the portal!

From the "book":
"The star within the circle also symbolizes the five senses"
"A pentacle can symbolize anything we value - money, spiritual values, or traditions passed down from one generation to the next."
"A flowered arbor gate stands as an invitation to a garden of earthly delights."
"Behind the garden gate, a gnarled brown gnome, an elemental creature of earth, surveys the grounds."

This deck was not what I "expected"...!
Admittedly I'm feeling irritated, that the answer it gives "doesn't say anything"...!

"magic requires connection with the universe and the energies involved"

Before this card I "felt much more connected" - but my head "wanted clarification/instructions"...
"Bad" idea!