The Magician + The Emperor, Native American + Alchemy 1977


First a recap from yesterday. Draw Hermetic Tarot - Knight of Wands reversed. "Discord". I immediately thought "don't expect any advance or explicit progress regarding passion/spirit".

Themes: "everything has it's own spirit - be one with your land" + "dark forces pulling"

My immediate thought today: don't try to be a wizard or expect spiritual manifestations/connections (Native Magician reversed), there are dark forces at play, and they are strong... (Emperor)

Native American Tarot: The Magician - Kokopelli, the demiurge
"The Shaman god controls both the cosmic order (the turtle) and chaos (the coyote) in order to supervise creation" So, I shouldn't try to control anything, because...
Alchemy England 1977 Tarot: The Emperor
...there's dark forces on the Captain's Bridge. Which unsought make me think Darth Vader :D

Or, The Magician reversed often comes with the keyword 'manipulation' - which pretty much sounds like a dark leader (Emperor).
So, I get the feeling that I should very much remain in the background today, and let everything just unfold undisturbed. Stay actively passive, while still authentic and strong. 
Tough task, if you ask me.
Probably why I've gotten this funny kind of double, preceded by the reversed gushing knight yesterday.