The Maiden, Dreams of Gaia Tarot


Theme: "wishes and/or thoughts/comments from the Earth"

A very lovely and beautiful deck <3


Card: The Maiden ('The Empress')
"- Follow your dreams
- Discover your passions
- Focus on self-discovery
- Address self-imposed limits and restrictions
- Increased independence
- Seek your own answers
- Release feelings of fear and abandonment
- Be true to self
"The Maiden walks an unfamiliar path, but she does so with confidence and grace."
"Much like her male counterpart, the Youth, the modern Maiden is not afraid to ask questions, challenge the answers, and be the adventurous explorer, but while the Youth explores new horizons, the Maiden explores herself."
"She forms relationships with healthy boundaries, and expresses her sexuality with innocent pride and confidence. When she chooses to take a lover for the first time, it will be done without shame or fear of judgement. If she chooses to remain alone, it is not because she believes herself to be undesirable, but because she does not believe that she needs a lover in order to be happy or fulfilled."
"She is fertile, but uses that fertile nature to create, express, and explore. She is on a journey of self-discovery, focused on learning more about who she is and what makes her happy, and she knows that her explorations in the present will give rise to a future self who knows what she wants from life and is not afraid to make it happen."
In the Present: "young, beautiful, and pure - represents the arrival of spring, a time of transition and change. She is symbolic of a moment that is bright with new promise."
"However, just as late frost can lay waste to new growth, ridicule and unkind words from others can give rise to doubts and questions that can, in turn, result in self-sabotaging behaviour. Be strong and firm."
"Express yourself. Let that which has lain dormant awaken and come to life."

(from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot Book)