The Moon, Gorgon´s Tarot


The Blind Gorgon.

"And the more she knew, the more she understood how little she knew. And so she kept going, until she came upon a brick wall of glut and then and there she reflected that, on occasion, knowing so very much is just like being blind." (link)


"Can beauty be a dangerous thing? In Greek mythology, the answer is definitely yes. Greek myths are full of stories of people, gods, and creatures whose physical appearance led to either their downfall or the downfall of others. Few examples of this are quite as terrifying as the Gorgons, three sisters with snakes for hair who could turn people into stone just by looking at them." (study)

"the term gorgon in Greek translates to 'dreadful' or 'beastly"


"Did you know Medusa was once a breathtaking, bombshell of a woman?
Yep, her beauty was legendary.

" to pluck a viper from her coiffure and command it to do her bidding. Sometimes this meant a killing strike upon an unsuspecting passerby.
Was she playing dirty pool?
Maybe, but maybe she had her reasons.

"...she was quite a sweet girl. She was said to be generous, thoughtful, bright and beautiful."

"Understandably, Medusa became pretty bitter about the whole turning into a monster thing."


"Even the most awful so-called 'monsters' serve unexpected purposes."


Card: The Moon - Waters Primeval
"Into the vast, amorphous, perilous Unknown she steps, and allows her ego and her outer shell to dissolve in the boundless ocean of the unconscious. She goes because she feels a drive to go. Barely guided by the equivocal, echoed light of the moon and her own compelling but also tentative intuition, she will travel the hills and the hollows and the trenches of that which is ordinarily secreted. It takes either a great deal of courage or considerable recklessness (or even both) to undertake this sort of "leap of faith", this very scary journey, for The Dark Depths are full of hungry sharks, ferocious Krakens and all sorts of deceptively innocuous small fry. Yet, the catch we might bring back from a successful expedition, will keep us in emotional clover for the longest time."
"A time of not knowing"
"A strong stirring of and from the unconscious."