The Moon + Five of Pent's, Silicon Dawn + Gill


Themes: "nonchalance, mishmash, thoughtlessness" + "your true self"

Silicon Dawn Tarot
Got this one just 8 days ago.
"Night, dreams, and a lover's betrayal." The day after I got the strangling man..!
"Tranquil and calm and serene, with the possibility of utter horror just casually dangling."
"The lady in this Moon has a scorpion's tail." I have a sharp tongue - I have my Mercury in Scorpio. How to keep that venomous tail of yours in check? How not to sting back like you feel you've been stung yourself? But let him/her (or that betraying part of yourself) get the consequences (s)he needs and "deserves" from the universe instead, and from just being and swimming around in his/her own inner ocean of emotions. And find a way of watching your own stirred emotions without stinging judgment. And refrain from playing the blame game, and instead work on drawing healthy boundaries for yourself.
"She wears her ambiguous nature on the outside." Find a way of being and showing who you are without hurting others. You don't have to sting back just because someone has stung you, and even though you CAN, and even though your head might tell you that you 'should'. The world doesn't need more hate and fighting, it would certainly benefit from more love!
"She won't keep you warm, but she'll light your lonely way."
Gill Tarot: Five of Discs - Adaption
The specks... "move from one plane of existence to another, adapting themselves to a different environment."
The fifth sphere of The Tree of Life, Geburah, is the "the pressing, hurting, shaping, opposing sphere that pushes until the individual turns around and accepts the difficulties, loss, and pain of the process of adaptation, and through the courageous application of energy is enabled to change direction." It's though work not to sting back and not act out, and just watch, feel and heal your own feelings and emotions.