The Moon + King of Pent's, Wild Wood + Transparent


Remain still and your resources will come to use.

The day before yesterday we were advised to not rush into anything new. To allow time for things to take their course, and make room for grief or emotions regarding something 'dead and done' before initiating the next project/phase/cycle.
To take small steps to make sure the steps we take are in alignment with our core values and soul's mission and desires.

Because there's still some pain, confusion and mist in the air - yesterday's reversed QoS from This Might Hurt Tarot.

The confusion is highlighted today too - a reversed Moon, from a deck reminding us that we're not 'lost in the woods', though it might feel so.

The first deck advises us to "return to the wild and green" and second "to be transparent".

I read for the Moon,
"the mystic still point where ideas and desires change from pure thought to objective reality"
But not just yet - reversed.
"there is no visible pathway" - again I think of the QoS yesterday, who had no feet showing.
(which is a different image from the traditional one, showing a winding path between two pillars up a hill in the distance.)

Instead of engaging in deep reflection we're guided to embrace this "mystic still point" showing no clear direction. 
Like we were guided to not to worry if our 'logical faculties are down' yesterday.

Sitting still like the calm king on his throne, just watching the dim scenery in front of him. 
Confident in his capacity, knowing he has the skills and resources he needs.
No worries, no stress. Transparent to what transpires around him.
Trusting in an intelligent nature, and that the universe will provide. 
In due time.

Deck: #WildWoodTarot
Theme: "return to the wild and green"
Card: The Moon on Water (R)

Deck: #TransparentTarot
Theme: "let it pass through you"
Card: King of Pentacles

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