The Star + Four of Swords, Gay + Mibramig


It's easier to judge or sit and complain about others than face yourself and act as en example, isn't it?!
Rest is over!

There's some work to be done. Mostly on yourself and your own attitude as it looks like.
Or, if there's something particular to do, it's more about HOW you do what you do, than what.

Time to excel and shine dear!
Be the best version of yourself, and act rather than talk. 
Inspire others to face their shadows by facing yours!
Inspire others to be responsible by being responsible yourself!

Complaining about other's behavior or the tasks you have in front of you helps or inspire no one I'm afraid.
Doing what needs to be done, with a hopeful attitude does. Even if immediate results thereof seems absent or delayed.

Inner strength and faith in 'A Higher Order' is called for now!

Deck: Gay Tarot
Card: The Star
"Having faith in an underlying or overlying spirit"

Deck: Mibramig Tarot
Theme: Reluctance to take responsibility"
Card: Four of Swords (R)
Maybe considering ending a "temporary withdrawal from the world"