The Star + The Chariot, Sirian + Infinite Visions


When you get head and earache, feel dizzy and exhausted, from trying to hear and understand - and perform - what the universe is guiding you to do!
As, it's "against" many of your lifelong patterns, and the desires of the Frego (Fear + Ego, thanx Leah Lund).

You sense the direction deep, deep down, but it takes all your focus to feel and heed it, because of all the triggered emotions and all the outgrown but lingering thought habits disturbing the transmission!

Trust the Process!

Don't stop, you've got this!
Continue in this aware and controlled manner - where you focus on controlling yourself, your 'connection with the divine' (the universe/your soul/intuition), and not the situation or surroundings!

Deck: Sirian Starseed Tarot
Theme: "a word from the collective unconscious"
Card: The Star (R)

Deck: Infinite Visions Tarot
Theme: "perceiving more perspectives than your head can cope with"
Card: The Chariot

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