The Star, Voyager Tarot


Another reversed shining celestial body! We had The Sun four days ago.

An in general - many reversed cards now. 
Is it uncertainty or insecurity I smell?

Again - even thought you don't know everything. Even though you have much left on your own journey, you can be an inspirational light to others. Just like there are always those one step or more ahead of you, there are those one step behind you, whom you can be a guiding light to. 

Maybe you are in the middle of a learning or development process yourself, but then you can inspire by 'how you are when you learn', and humbly spread what you learn while you learn?!

"Make this world a more beautiful place. In not seeing your beauty, your starlight is distant and cold."

There's nothing more you have to learn or become to inspire others. No "once I've done this/that, THEN I will..."

Neither do you have to 'do it yourself', or plan it, or control it, or 'figure out what to do/say' - "receive inspiration from the heavens", and just be YOU, where-ever you are!  

Whatever you do today, whomever you meet - act as an example, inspire others to be THEIR best!

Deck: Voyager Tarot
Theme: "The journey IS the destination - Onwards!"
Card: The Star (R)