The Sun + Eight of Wands, Art of Love + Hermetic


Themes: The Art of Love + "Abstract, complex - beyond comprehension (for the time being)"

Art of Love: The Sun - Vitality
"The Sun presents you with clear vision. You are, or will be, experiencing renewed energy. This burst of vitality will mean you feel better than you have for a long time."
"On an inner level, you are taking a great leap towards your dreams and desires. Resistance is melting away as you realise all things are possible."
Hermetic Tarot: Eight of Swords - Lord of Shortened Strife
Upright: "Great ease in some things, countered by equal disorder in others. Equally fond of giving and receiving."

"The Eight of Swords reversed suggests that limiting self-beliefs plague you, preventing you from moving forward."
"The beliefs you hold about yourself are preventing you from achieving your personal goals. In light of this, change your belief system. Catch yourself when you are in a negative thought pattern and break the cycle."
"You feel trapped because every time you try to do something, your inner critic tells you why it's wrong or not good enough - so you give up trying altogether.
The reversed Eight of Swords signals that skeletons in the closet need clearing out. Allow yourself to let go of the old patterns of behaviour and belief systems holding you back.
"On the positive side, when the Eight of Swords appears reversed, it can show that you are releasing yourself from negative patterns and belief systems. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you can create a more positive reality for yourself by letting go of those self-limiting beliefs. You made it through a difficult time, and you are more open to change and self-acceptance." (biddy)