The Sun, Everyday Tarot


You don't have to be on top of your game, everyday :)

Especially true if your in new uncharted territory, learning new stuff, going new places.
When you're learning new things, or trying new things, or "in school/being the student/pupil" in any kind of way, it's not YOU who have to shine. You're in the process of development, and that's were your focus should be!

Give yourself some slack, allow your energies to go into the process, and not burn up outwards "just because"!

Continue business as usual, but let things take time - you will shine in what you're learning now, eventually. 
For now, trust, and surrender to the process.
And let others shine!
Give them room and your support, but without excess - as you need you energy now!

Deck: Everyday Tarot
Card: The Sun (R)