The Sun + Knight of Swords, Erotic Manara + Vikings


CoD: The Sun (R), Erotic Manara Tarot
Clarifyer: Knight of Swords, Vikings

Does your self-confidence and courage vacillate, and you "feel exposed" (vulnerable)?
It might just be because you're taking decisive action and challenge your comfort zone in some way.

Just stand stall and strong!
It's uncomfortable to grow sometimes (just like it's uncomfortable for the baby to be born)!

Whatever you do - don't stop shining!
And you: trust the process!! :)

Rise (fly) above your catastrophic thoughts and burning emotions.
They are fears talking.
Your fearful ego masquerading as your self-love. 

All is in order.
Eventual obstacles are there so things doesn't move too fast :)

Deck: Erotic Manara
Theme: Exposure
Card: The Sun (R)

Deck: Vikings Tarot
Theme: "upholding strength and faith in tough climate"
Card: Knight of Swords