The Sun, Sweet Twilight Tarot


Theme: the twilight zone

Card: The Sun
"The Sun shines out of the eyes of every person, brightly or muted, warming the world with personality as each helps shape the other."

The more the personality is in alignment with the soul the more the eyes glitter and the more The Sun shines out!
The Sun always shines - the amount of light let in to the heart or out of the heart is actually only a matter of choice!


The more often I pick the sunny choice, the lighter and brighter I feel, and the brighter the world looks to me. It's like magic!
It's one thing to read about it, and intellectually "get it" - but it's not real or magic until it's actually practised and felt!

I've read A LOT the last 6-7 years or so, and I think it's all "finally" (that is, the time it was meant to) coming together for me.
Meaning that I feel that I've just might have gathered the right amount of basic knowledge, strength, self-esteem, dreams, tools, etc, to make a real transformation/change in my life/me. 

I feel I've "finally" found "a way" of looking at myself and life that suits me so damn good, and an enormous amount of guidance in turning the theory into practice! 
("Finally" - nothing else than the time it was meant to be found.
Had I found it earlier I probably wouldn't have had the openness to receive it, the knowledge to understand it, the strength to apply it, the means to use it, nor the willingness to accept and commit to it.)

And in the same time period I "happen" to find a "local" (in the country I live in) education in spiritual growth coaching, with a similar kind of approach to life and personal responsibility behind it! An education giving me a forum and opportunity to practice turning theory into practice, as well as an opening of possibilities to get into the field in terms of working in it!
And again, had I found it earlier I would not have had the openness to receive it, the awareness to see it, the strength to join it, the courage to take the leap, nor the willingness to invest in it (me-my soul).

It's getting cosier and cosier to wake up in the morning, to the magic of life and existence! 

Deck #115 Sweet Twilight Tarot