The Sun + W8, Poet + Sirian Starseed


Theme(s): "exploring the creative process" + "if the collective unconscious could speak"


Poet Tarot: The Sun - Dorothy Parker
Se image right.
Sirian Starseed Tarot: Eight of Flames ('Eight of Wands')
"Integrating all that creative fire is like igniting a flaming pinwheel of fireworks. When everything is out front, and all creative ideas are equally respected and celebrated, combustion occurs!"
"Like the Strength key in the major arcana, the Eight of Flames is ready to seize the moment, prepared to strike when the iron is hot."
"The wheels of creation is turning, and something is about to pop."
"Are you ready to bring to conclusion this great work you have been involved in?"
"Are you ready to let go, knowing you have reached a culmination in this experience?"