The Tower, Happy Tarot


Theme: "don't worry, be happy"

Not really the general case in the world..! (;
And, I guess, not for me either - quite disturbed by my, since many weeks, strangely behaving body.


"But oh, isn't this a lovely and encouraging deck to get!", I thought fondly for myself.
Until I pulled my card:


Card: The Tower
"Big changes are afoot, and perhaps not in the way you expected. You are being blasted into the next phase of your life. Let go of the old to welcome the new."
"You can find happiness in releasing what no longer serves you."


"The situation exists. You don't have to worry about it or drink over it or cry or debate or ask others for advice. You can stop resisting it because what was making you sick was your own thinking about it-not it."

"Pros and cons are one level of decision-making but not the most vital one. When we can't make up our minds, it's because of our minds "

"The voice in your head also creates a huge amount of problems that aren't really problems. They're just things that haven't happened yet, things that could happen tomorrow or next week. Listening to unreal problems has another name: worrying. That's what the voice in your head does. It what-ifs. It frets. It agonizes, and you can no longer sense the joy of life."

"The key words here are "present moment." Worry, then, is a technique you have created in order to use up the "now" moments of your life, rather than choosing to use these precious, present moments living a fully functioning, happy life."

"Everything that has ever happened to you did not happen in the past-it happened in the present moment. And everything that will ever happen to you will not occur in the future-it will take place in the "now" as well. So every moment you elect to spend in worry is your way of using up your "nows" by not being fully present in your life."

"If it runs out of other ideas, that voice in your head then turns to complaining."

"...even things unrelated to the situation: the weather, how bad the economy is, how your life wasn't supposed to turn out this way and why everybody but you seems to figure things out. Complaining adds nothing except heaviness. It gives you a big sack of rocks to carry around on your back while you're trying to figure out what to do..."


"You need to be present. You need to be free of anything other than what is happening now."

"You'll be able to see the difference between: here's the situation and here is what my mind is saying about the situation..."

"Recognize the preposterousness of worry. Ask yourself over and over, "Is there anything that will change as a result of my worrying about it?" For example: Will my worrying affect the stock market? Will my worrying affect the weather? Will my worrying affect whether or not my child has an accident?"

"Once you understand what your situation actually is-which is not what that voice in your head says it is-then, of course, you can stop struggling"

"Ultimately, I believe, whether you choose one way or the other doesn't matter. If you're present when you make your decision, then you'll be present in the next situation-and be ready to make choices as the need comes up. Of course, you always could have done things differently. But the ultimate importance is not what you do, it's how you do it-the state of consciousness brought to the process"

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"Worry is definitely an addiction. In fact, worrying is like playing a slot machine in a gambling
casino. Occasionally the worrier will hit the jackpot and be rewarded for something that
actually happens. If you worry long enough about the stock market crashing, you'll eventually
hit the jackpot, because from time to time it's always going to crash."

"The Tower reversed suggests that you are undergoing a significant personal transformation and upheaval. This differs from the experience of the upright Tower where the change is often because of external circumstances and may even feel forced upon you. Instead, with the reversed Tower card, you are instigating the change and calling into question your fundamental belief systems, values, purpose and meaning. You may go through a spiritual awakening as you discover a new spiritual path. You may change your beliefs and opinions about important topics, realising that you can no longer support older models. Or, in more dramatic cases, you may go through an existential crisis where you seriously question your life's purpose. While this can be an unsettling time, trust in the process and know it is for the best. You are creating change and transformation so you can step into a new and evolved version of yourself.

At times, the reversed Tower can be a sign that you are resisting change and delaying the necessary destruction and upheaval. You may be in denial that change is occurring. Or you may be clinging to an old belief system even though you know they are no longer relevant or healthy for you. As much as you don't want to, you need to go through this difficult time to learn a valuable lesson and make progress in your life. And know that if you continue to resist this change, it will only force its way into your life even more. The growth and transformation that the Tower card brings are inevitable. No amount of hiding or denying will make it go away, and it will only get louder with potentially greater upheaval." (biddytarot)