The Tower + Seven of Wands, Luminous Spirit + Voyager


Themes: "radiating outwards" + "The journey is the destination - Onwards!"

Luminous Spirit Tarot: The Tower
"To see the tower is indicative of the destruction of underlying foundations: something that we have depended upon as a constant, something to the core of how you experience things is being challenged and broken. Sometimes this is experienced as a crisis, or an emotional upheaval and even a blow to our pride and ego. The fall of the tower, though causing great suffering leads to a recognition of our own fragility."
Voyager Tarot: Seven of Wands - Courage
"Light is courageous. It strikes forward into the darkness. The laser-light sword, the ax and the knife wands symblize the courage of your warrior energy to cut into and see the truth about your fears and dark sides, to cut them out, to exorcise them. Totem poles, masks and stained glass windows represent not only your fears - the inner demons - but your strength and courage to confront these fears and face them down. Your fears can become your allies if you will confront them and draw them out - then they stand before you as a warning to those forces and people who would oppress you."