The Wheel of Fortune + Ten of Cups, Eclectic + Lost Tarot of Nostradamus


Themes: "deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources" + "Once buried, but found again"

Eclectic Tarot: Wheel of Fortune
"Only two points of the wheel do not change their position: the hub and the Sphinx. This is the wheel of cyclical change, of destiny or karma. The only escape is by reaching the hub."
Inverted "Descent, setbacks, misfortune, failure, deterioration of the situation, instability, imbalance, disappointment of expectations, the fickleness of fortune" There's information and impressions coming in from many directions (sources) now, and it's a challenge for me to manage it, and stay in/reach the calm of the hub. 4 days with little time or energy for recovery and contemplation have passed.
Lost Tarot of Nostradamus: Ten of Moons ('Ten of Cups')
"On closer examination, it is notable that both the door and windows are blocked, implying that the outer show of strength may hide a darker reality - that this great building is actually a prison."
"Home, Country, Welfare, Security, Contentment, People" A rather unorthodox interpretation of C10. It makes me association to the fact that "I don't know what's good for me" - spiritually speaking. Fulfilling what "I want" seldom makes me happy - while things that are really "tough/challenging" have a much more satisfying feeling connected to it. I still don't fully know or understand what brings a true sense of security and safety for me, and what a "true home" is - other than it's certainly doesn't mean a 'physical house'. 

My existence is in a time of spinning and twisting, in an uncomfortable way. If you ask the Ego. I think the soul is quite happy. The Ego still have its expectations and wishes and wants - disliking that few of them are being fulfilled, making it feel dissatisfied and also a little bit neglected, unseen and used. Especially when it comes to relationships. "You give much more than you get" it exclaims, over and over. While the soul keeps looking, feeling, growing and learning of everything that happens and don't happen - rather pleased with the unpredictability of the situation and it's participants, the role of being a giver and a forgiver, and the opportunity to investigate unconditional love and how it should be lived.

Something "buried" not only for me individually but also generally and collectively in society, and needs to be "found again". 


"The Ten of Cups embodies happiness, joy, and emotional contentment, particularly in your relationships and family. You have created an abundance of love and happiness in your life, and you now share this love with others, expanding your heart even more. This card often appears when you are surrounded by your loved ones with whom you share a powerful and deep connection. You appreciate and support one another, and together, you help each other reach your highest potential. It brings you so much joy to see your loved ones succeed and live happy lives.
The Ten of Cups is the 'happy family' card, suggesting that your family relationships are harmonious and loving right now. No one is fighting or causing any tension; all family members are getting along with each other and sharing in the love and happiness that surrounds you." (biddy)