The Wheel + Out of Reach, Gay + Dreaming Girl Highway


Themes: "Face yourself" or "It's in you, not others" + "connect with your feminine core" - what does it mean to belong to the unknowable?

Does it seem impossible to make your world stop spinning? To just stay centered?
Ah, those devilish thoughts!

Maybe it is because you're reaching out, and not in? Down instead of up?

Gay Tarot: The Wheel 
"If life on the rim makes you dizzy, move to the center." What's in the hub of your continuously circling life? Stop thinking about what all the 'others' do or don't for a little while (if it makes your head spin) - and think about yourself, and what you love, and what YOU want (need) to do and engage in!
Dreaming Girl Highway: 66. Out of Reach
"She is in the shadows of her inner struggle, and within her, is the Devil of her hungers. She stretches out to tough an Angel, forever out of reach. She is caught in the dual Dream of good and evil." Want something you can't have? Or just can't reach? Maybe it's not the right time. Maybe it's not the right way. Let it's go - for now! If it's meant - it will come! The way it's supposed to. 
"we dream of beauty and love without agony or loss."
"born between the unattainable and the inescapable" Welcome to 'reality'!
"The karmic web is knotted with the guilt of others, whether visible or not."
"Forgive to be freed, Create inner kindness"

Find Your center. 
Who do YOU want to be - regardless of others' action and/or words?
Go beyond your pain - your Frightened Parts of Your Personality - and act from the most loving place you can find! That deep place in your center!