The Wheel, Riderless Tarot


Loosen your grip of the reins and let things happen (unfold)!

A Riderless horse is a horse without a rider and without tack - a horse free to follow its instincts! 
The Wheel reversed might suggest that "things are spinning, out of our control" - events unfolding in a way we can't predict.
To many of us that's uncomfortable - "creating" anxiety - inner spinning!

The harsh truth though: we can never have control!
Thinking we can have it is an illusion of the head.
Life is, per definition, unknowable.
("the only constant in life is change" - Heraclitus)
Life is predictable only to a very limited degree, thinking otherwise is fertile soil for anxiety! 

It seems that the advice today is not to try to control how things develop and what direction events take.
To take a few extra deep breaths, and act/respond when truly needed - and not before!

(Re)act not because you THINK you must (out of fear, because things are not the way you 'want') ;)
The more desperate the need feel (to change/influence) - the more important it is to pause and breath.
(Above par: tracing the desperation (fear) to its source - in the body, and in the head)

Things are, and unfold, the way they ought to (in the necessary way for all parties involved) - let them!

Deck: #RiderlessTarot
Theme: "pure instincts"
Card: The Wheel (R)
"unexpected change, unpredictability" 

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