The Wheel + Six of Swords, Infinite Visions + Voodoo


Themes: "a situation larger than my head can understand for the time being" + "sacrifice", or "you have to give (offer) to receive"

Infinite Visions Tarot (a deck having the extras Dark Magician and Dark Priestess): Wheel Fortune
"Follow the whisper of the Wheel and walk through the new door of opportunity that is moving into your life. Fate is tempting you in a new direction because you are ready for the change."
New Orleans Voodoo Tarot: Rada Legba (R) ('Six of Swords')
"The aspect of this card is that of a storyteller sitting at the crossroads. He is surrounded by children who sit in rapt attention. The black sun blazes behind him. The storyteller has seen much and has many tales to tell. The children have seen little and so contribute their silence to the tale.
The primary attribute of the card is the ability of the Word to make fertile the World.
"A task that may be accomplished through words. The door opens; obstacles are removed."


"REVERSED: Personal transition, resistance to change, unfinished business
"When the reversed Six of Swords shows up in a Tarot reading, you may be going through a personal or spiritual transition or rite of passage so you can leave behind a [...] belief, or behavioural pattern that is no longer serving you. This is an intensely personal and private journey, and you are working in isolation to make it happen." (biddy) I can sense that there is something I need to leave behind me, and a new door somewhere. But I cannot yet feel exactly what, and where. But I also know that the process can't be pushed. I know that there are still pieces of information (perspectives) lacking, for me to access and understand the situation fully (enough)- which I'm afraid I have to wait for. And, let (carefully chosen) Words guide me to? Through telling my story maybe?

Something I do more and more, as it is intimately connected to "being myself/showing my true self". I'm focusing a lot on having my Words reflect the true me - that they are in alignment with the needs of my soul. Nowadays I am much more focused on making my words feel right, than on others understanding (or agreeing with) them/me, or on using them to "control the outcome" (I leave that to the universe) or to control other people (that's their own business - and the universe's).