The Wheel + The Fool, Holy Grail + Wizards


Themes: "The Holiest of Quests" + "Mandrake Academy - The School of Magic and Wizardry"

"The term "holy grail" is often used to denote an elusive object or goal that is sought after for its great significance. "(wiki

"...that which is attained and realized by people who have lived their own lives. The Grail represents the fulfillment of the highest spiritual potentialities of the human consciousness." (Campbell

Holy Grail Tarot: The Wheel (R)
Karma, Life cycles, a turning point.
Wizards Tarot: The Initiate (R)
Alone in the forest, in a sacred ritual - beside a camp fire.
Today I'm going out in the forest, alone, to bring home the last of the fire wood...! Finish off the work that someone else has promised to do... So it's a symbolic action, and has very much the Initiation/test (and quest) energy over it.
And I really have to practice all of my magical powers. To accept (the perception to) have been totally "fooled" and "stood up" by someone I dearly care for - someone living his very own illusion of life (yesterday). 
Much to my resistance - two reversals. 
"She's willing to trade her inexperience for wisdom, but she doesn't realize what her commitment entail."
"The twelve stones and the pebble in the ring symbolize the year and a day that initiates commit to a study of magic."
"Mandrake Academy is visible in the distance, which suggests that a higher power is watching over her, and that help and guidance are nearby." The one who were supposed to do this IS close by, and CAN help - physically speaking. Spiritually speaking - for the inner journey and quest - I always have my cards close by. And my intuition, synchronicity, and the continuously unexpected unfolding of events (orchestrated by the universe).

This pure little lady, in the world of strong courageous adventurous men..!