The World, Linestrider's Tarot


Theme: walking the line - The Razor's Edge (on the box: the edge of magic and logic)

It's not that often I draw The World, now it has visited twice in 4 days. (See May 31)

Card: The World
"completion, the end of a cycle, achievement, goals, travel, success"
"The World is the final card in the major arcana. It symbolizes completion, achievement, and fulfillment. This card generally indicates that a cycle is coming to a close, heralding a new phase in life."
"In the present position this card indicates that your work is coming to fruition though you may be difficult for you to currently see things in a positive light. Or perhaps you have seen a cycle complete and are feeling the full weight of a new responsibility."

It kind of confirms yesterday's writings, about Venus closing a circle and starting a new. Also, it's quite the Venus personification pictured on this particular The World!

But, admittedly, I currently have a hard time to see things in a positive light, as I'm in the midst of old awakened pains and patterns. And it feels like new ones awaken each day. Maybe the achievement is all these awakened healing possibilities, and hopefully most of the pain (for now) is awakened now, and the healing phase is about to start with Venus changing to her morning dress? 
The cycle that ends now (approx 11 hours away) started in October 26th 2018, right about exactly the day when I picked up my horse life again, by signing up for an education (starting November 1st) - hence, started walking in a new direction in my "physical life".
A so very, very interesting "coincidence".  
I have just begun a new kind of treatment (a homeopathic one) of the horse I bought right in the beginning of that cycle (who have had different issues since day one) - maybe her healing (too) is about to kick off? As it happens the "psychic description" on her energy medicine mirrors my own challenges!! :D "Loner" being a word mentioned.