The World + The Fool, Golden Thread + Glastonbury


Theme: a light in the dark + mirror living / a look in the mirror

The Golden Thread Tarot: The World
"Absolute unity, perfection, accomplishment that draws from inner and outer sources. This card signals the harmony of the inner and outer worlds, and reaching a level of enlightenment. An era of one's life is complete, and there is joy and celebration that is coming to welcome it."
The Glastonbury Tarot: The Fool - Percival
"The Fool card is a time of new beginnings, the first step on the journey of self-discovery. It denotes an attitude of trust and innocence, even naivete, and also a sense of wonder. The Fool dares to take risks that others would not consider, because he is fully immersed in the moment, and has no concern for consequences.
This card shows the demeanour of one who is able to step blindly into the future, in a state of perfect, and blessed, trust. The Fool shows that you need to trust, to take a risk, to have a fresh start and leave behind past patterns of thinking or being that have held you back. It encourages you to take a leap of faith and jump joyously into the unknown.
Question to ponder: Where in your life do you feel the need for a new beginning?