Three of Cups + Flow, Ceccoli + Sacred Destiny


Themes: "melancholy, self-pity, victimhood" + "There is a powerful and profound reason that you are here"

Ceccoli Tarot: Three of Cups
"Friendship, playfulness, sharing activities"
Sacred Destiny Oracle: Flow - Meandering River
"Notice where life is going and move in that direction."
"Don't resist."
"When you go with the flow, your life-force expands and healing on all levels abounds." For you and for others. 
"This is also the time to release old, limiting patterns, forgive, and let go of the need to be right about your beliefs."
"If you aren't feeling the smooth currents of life, it might mean that you're being self-critical....or judgmental" Judging another, or just judging the way things are - having a head/Ego wanting things to be different - but they aren't..! I advice you (again - see yesterdays card) to not resist What Is! And to go with the flow - though not knowing Why, though not knowing Where, though not digging the How!

There's a powerful and profound reason you're in this - resist the urge to question every turn, decide to enjoy shared experiences - there's something to learn from every event, from and with every person!