Three of Cups, Many Doors Tarot


Theme: Which door to take? Or where are all these doors?! Or, too many doors?

The second time in 4 days I get this deck, so I feel that I should go a little deeper into it. I bought it mostly for the title, thinking about how I "have such a hard time finding the right door". How it feels that I always end up choosing the "least wrong door". How all doors I open "always seem to lead to dead ends and set-backs". 
Now recently informed that "the intuitive wisdom of the soul" is what I'm here to receive this lifetime I draw the conclusion that the doors I've opened so far haven't been wrong, or haven't led to set-backs or wrong-turns - but necessary challenges. A conclusion that is strengthened and supported by the fact that nothing that has happened can be wrong - as everything always is exactly as it should be.

But how to proceed then?
How should I chose doors from now on?

Many Doors Tarot is a rather strange deck, outside my comfort zone, which I haven't owned that long. A "sci-fi themed, queer, anarchist deck, by non-binary trans artist, writer and performer Felix Kawitsky". "Tarot in the tradition of feminist sci-fi, space anarchy and trans magic".

"The future is queer!"

Based on a bunch of other cards that I have drawn lately (outside the CoD-series) I'm really beginning to think that I should to stop searching for doors. I think my door-searching-years are over! I have everything I need right were I am. And when/if doors appear I should probably only open/go through the ones that really feels right, and not the ones that "should be right" or "could be right" - those that are spotted by and justified by the head. Don't let other's opinions or my own fears stop me from choosing and going through the ones that truly feels right - no matter how queer and non-traditional it might look from the outside and appear to the head!

Card: III of Potions ('Three of Cups') Reversed.
No interpretations available for this deck.


"Celebration, friendship, creativity, collaborations." (biddy)
I got it reversed.
As I write about in the reflections above, I get the feeling that the (a) message is that I should stop "search for happiness in other places". I have all I need for happiness right here. Happiness is a matter of intention, attention and presence.
There's no door to happiness.

And I think this is one of the major transformations I go through right now. This is really dawning on me now.

"While the upright Three of Cups is a card of friendship and social events, the reversal of this card suggests that you would prefer to go it alone right now. You may have recently spent a lot of time with others and now just need some alone time." (biddy)
That couldn't be closer to the truth! I am "given" much needed alone time right now, that allows me to really reflect on my life and the fact that I really am where I am supposed to be, and that I have everything I need. No matter how frustrated I feel from time to time, I deeply know that there is nowhere else I should be - and I really need a lot of alone time to truly process and transform this into my whole being.
It's a rather painful, but at the same time so insanely powerful and liberating, transformation going on inside me right now!