Three of Swords, Aleister Crowley


Theme: "a higher calling"

Card: Three of Swords - Sorrow
"You have a few mental "nuts" to crack! If you draw this card, you can stop deceiving yourself or others. Now is a unique opportunity to understand what really concerns you and which arguments fit together. Work with your experiences. This card has often been misunderstood as a "sorrow card" - a big mistake.
In fact, it is also about you taking care of something which insight and knowledge bring together under a common denominator.
"There is a wonderful new solution, and this you will realize gradually."
LOVE "Risk more sincerity. You can only win by doing so. Speak frankly."
HAPPINESS "The power of honesty. Do not let problems or difficulties hamstring you or enrage you. There are inevitable difficulties that we have to endure, and avoidable errors that we can fix. It is the ability to compensate for shortcomings and mistakes, wherein the great, fruitful, and consoling power of the Spirit lies. Use it!"
SUCCESS "Come to the point; stick to essentials. When you realize what touches your heart, you can begin to do what you really want."

Three of Swords two days in a row!