Three of Swords, Chalice Tarot


Theme: "Family" or "navigating times of fear/hope, uncertainty and anxiety"

Deck: Chalice Tarot Deck
Card: Three of Swords
"These feelings of sadness may also be connected to deeper hurts in the past of the querent."
"...there may be several good reasons why she should not take the behaviour of another to heart."
"...may then have the same effect within the life of the querent now as a knife might when applied to a festering wound. Once lanced the poison may be allowed to drain away, even if the 'lancing' itself is initially painful."


"Releasing pain. Forgiveness.
"You may also be hypersensitive to others' words and need to develop a thick skin. Let go of the hurt that these words are causing you - it will only hold you back - and do some self-reflection. What has triggered your feelings and why? And how might you address the underlying issue?"
"The Three of Swords reversed can indicate that you have recently gone through a difficult patch in which a relationship has ended or been challenged ... the reversal of this card suggests that this time has passed, and you are on the path to recovery"
"If you are experiencing challenges in your relationships, the reversed Three of Swords serves as a reminder to be the peacemaker"  (biddy)