Three of Swords, Crystal Tarot


Theme: "something is crystallising"

Desperation - Crystallizing, not in the pace and way my head wants?! 

Deck: Crystal Tarot
Card: Three of Swords - Desperation
I see a fish by the surface, the swords below in the water, three water lily leaves.
My thoughts are calm and surfaced, but there's desperation luring below? Swords making a triangle pointing up, towards the fish.
"In the haste of events even hope can give away." Things have gone "fast" now, relatively speaking. I've been doing the Tarot for 7 years, but then rather recently I suddenly started reading for a friend, and stumbled upon this Biddy thing. Joined the Community, then now the program. With a burst of hope initially, but quickly fading as there's no immediate embracing or effect of it, and I don't really know what to focus on and how to interact with the team and in social media. I sort of want to make some connection, but as usual "my style of" being/writing have a tendency to make people a little uncomfortable and keep others at a distance. I neither have that "weather (talking at the surface) approach", nor the "student-in-need" energy, but hit the depths immediately - I blame my Mercury in Scorpio..! :)

Advice then - keep going "my own way", or "lean back" a bit and focus on observation? 

Deck: Light Seer's Tarot
Theme: "lessons comes from both the light and shadow sides of our natures"
Card: The Hanged Man
"Flow with it"
"Open your heart to the bigger plan, and you'll inadvertently tap into a whole new framework from which to see the world." Don't get stuck in details, flow on! :)
"Know that your path - and your dream - may look unfamiliar to you after you relinquish the need to direct the outcomes. Surrender to the will of Cosmos and realign your life with its sacred patterns. The Universe already know which life-altering lesson is the key to your happiness, and your Higher Self has so much wisdom when you intentionally pause to listen."