Three of Swords, Radiant Rider Waite


School day!

The cards slowly unfolds the story.
Information, bit by bit.
Yesterday the cards showed reluctance to take on responsibility. A reluctance to shine and show the way. 
A reluctance to be 'first in line'.
Like, "they don't have to do X, why do I?!"
"Why do I have to be the first to X..."
The classic 'waiting for someone else to take the first step'.
"Once THEY change, I will too"
"I can't do X, before Y does Z..."
"I'm just going to do X first, then..."

With knowledge, and awareness, comes great responsibility.
If you know the old ways ain't leading anywhere good, and new ways have to be made - you have to make them.
It's not sufficient, or efficient, to keep waiting for, or trying to make others make'em - others maybe not even knowing new ways need to be made.

Your energy is much better spent on expanding and bettering yourself. 
Make way for those new ways, and (hopefully) 'others' will join of their own accord.
Letting people make their own choices, in their own pace is much more efficient than trying to convince them!

So. Even if it pains you - mostly because your head is stuck on thoughts about how it should/could be - expand!
Raise the awareness in the world by raising it in yourself - and radiate it (rather than hit people in the head with it ;) )!

Deck: Radiant Rider Waite
Theme: "school day - expand and radiate" (bought this deck for the Biddy Certification Program lessons)
Card: Three of Swords

Life isn't as bad as you 'think' (swords) it is!
You're just chosen be one of the 'firsts', which comes with responsibilities!
Do yourself, and the world, a favor - stop resisting it!