Three of Swords, Vikings Tarot


Theme: "working in tough climate"

Vikings Tarot.
 Card: Three of Swords (R)
"Prell, Karl and Jarl (the ancestors of the social classes)"


"UPRIGHT: Heartbreak, emotional pain, sorrow, grief, hurt

REVERSED: Negative self-talk, releasing pain, optimism, forgiveness"

I immediately always feel "piercing through" the heart, as this card traditionally pictures, is a good thing - although not feeling like it. That, in some aspect, The Core of a Matter is found. And it's often painful to reach that core - a cause to a deep held fear of some kind.
Kind of.
Sort of.
Something like:

"You may also be hypersensitive to others' words and need to develop a thick skin. Let go of the hurt that these words are causing you - it will only hold you back - and do some self-reflection. What has triggered your feelings and why?" And feeling that hurt, and finding out the triggered fear, is painful - sometimes feeling as painful as "piercing your heart".
"The Three of Swords reversed can indicate that you have recently gone through a difficult patch in which a relationship has ended or been challenged, a loved one has passed, or you were hurt by a situation that affected you deeply. Thankfully, the reversal of this card suggests that this time has passed, and you are on the path to recovery, realising that with every cloud comes a silver lining..."