Three of Wands, Maat Tarot


* "truth, justice, and the cosmic order" (
* "In Egyptian legends, it is Ma'at who steps in after the universe is created, and brings harmony amidst the chaos and disorder." (
* "the female-centered worldview"


My work to bring harmony amidst my life-long (from others mostly hidden) inner chaos and disorder continues in a steady pace - and slowly but steadily I'm turning away from past patterns, and long-held (false) beliefs. Reconstruction. Rethinking.

I so much love (on a soul deep way) to work with complex systems (what is Life if not that?!) with the help of models and tools - 126 tarot decks, horoscope, dreams, intuitive logic.

And, I actually Do have a tangible dream (which I disowned here):
To work with all this on a daily basis. Share and pass knowledge and experiences on by the use of the written word, mathematics, sketches, art(, humour) and oral instruction. To work in the direction of bringing harmony amidst the general (through the personal) chaos and disorder.   
Expand myself and my knowledge even further, through continued experimentation, and yes, maybe contribute to some discovery in the field? 
I deeply want to inspire with and share my unique gifts, talents, experiences, and Me

I want to inspire to self-awareness, self-realisation and mirrorliving, which I firmly believe are the most important things in the human world for the time being! Awakening and expanding consciousness - one soul at the time! <3

Also: Remember the last time the Maat Tarot visited - the sceptic little Princess?

Deck #71: Maat Tarot - which I have in the app version.