Three of Wands, Shapeshifters Tarot


Theme: "the ability to embody the characteristics of another being" for a higher understanding/awareness

Deck: Shapeshifter Tarot
Card: Three of Wands (R) - Partnership
"Association, cooperation, connection, unity"

Not sure how to read this in reversed, and, also, not the "ordinary" wording for W3.
Felt the need for a clarifier.

Deck: Radiant Wisdom Tarot.
Has an extra suit: Bridges.
So themes "go into another" and "bridging". Seeing it from the other's perspective would create a bridging in the relationship I assume. I'm trying to put a lot of energy and focus in "meet him where he is" (him, and others). And meeting someone where (s)he is requires trying to see it from his/her perspective.  
Card: Eight of Water - Synthesis
Synthesis and Partnership breathes a similar energy too.
These cards certainly work well together and strengthens the message!
I like how the guy holds his hands over his heart and tummy - "listen to the heart and the gut" (leave the head out - indirectly).

I feel there's synthesis going on. Slowly. But a lot more work (and time) still, before "union" will be felt - reversed. The connection is still weak, and sporadic. The cooperation is quite "one sided" (if you ask me) and is effective only if I "make it so". 
Because of deep hurts, old wounds, configuration, history, unconsciousness, etc. Which I can't 'change'. The way forward is to keep meeting him where he is, keep trying to understand, keep building trust - following my heart and gut.
If not bringing me closer to/with him, it brings me "closer to myself" (merging/aligning my personality with my soul!