Three of Wands + Two of Cups, Quantum + Quantum


Theme: From the perspective of quantum physics, reality is a mysterious, magical place. The Quantum Realm/Quantum Leap. (chopra) x 2

Two times Quantum Tarot - what are the odds? ;)

Quantum Tarot: Three of Wands
"...similarly this card demands that we let go of our self-imposed limitations and and think big. The three of Wands is the card of vision. It's time to think outside box and let your widest dreams be your guide."
Quantum Tarot: Two of Cups
"A binary system is a pair of stars that have been caught by each other's gravity to remain in perpetual orbit around each other. Cups are the realm of emotion and the 2 of Cups can often indicate falling in love and entering a relationship. However, this card represent any meeting of minds and hearts, and might just as likely indicate a friendship or business partnership."