Tower + Lovers, Chalice + Eclectic


Cards drawn in the morning, but published in the evening!

Family/home (not the most obvious theme for the deck - nonetheless that is what the deck was bought to represent in my  "system"/for me)
"derive ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources" (link)


The Tower
"UPRIGHT: Sudden change, upheaval, chaos, revelation, awakening
REVERSED: Personal transformation, fear of change, averting disaster
" (biddytarot)
"pulls the carpet right from under our feet", "Uranian quality. The action of Uranus is similarly drastic" (see Uranus yesterday!) (ChaliceTarotBook)

The Lovers

"perfect unions, partnerships, relationships, major choices," (thetarotguide)
"Decision, test, a crossroads" (eclectic pamphlet)
"You might have made a decision, but now you're second-guessing it" (
"Inability to decide" (eclectic pamphlet)


A sudden change, upheaval and transformation regarding family/home (Chalice Tarot). Feeling somewhat sudden and chaotic, but in reality having been built up and expected for quite some while. Sudden change being a revelation, necessary transformation and an awakening, but at the same time (to the fearful ego) highly distressing. Loving parts jubilate, Fearful Parts paint disaster scenarios, because...

Looking from a greater (Eclectic Tarot) perspective it's for development, growth and union (of these separated parts - Loving/Fearful parts) (see also the devil-on-the-shoulders-reflection yesterday). A Major change for the greater good (Eclectic-Lovers/Upright), but with Frightful Parts second-guessing the decision (Lovers/Reversed)


Subject: I think I bought a house today - a small (horse) farm..!
For me. Alone. Taking care of a farm..! 
YAY, F*I*N*A*L*L*Y! (Loving Parts)
What, already...!? (Fearful Parts)


Once it got decided, in the morning, to look at the (just recently found) house again, I knew it was going to by a stormy day - inside - why I did draw some extra cards. As advice in advance, and to better prepared for the house-viewing journey.
(Card drawn separately, one at the time, put presented together her)

Yes, there will be falseness, doubtful communication, and maybe hissing (see the snake-reflection yesterday!).
How to handle it?
RELAX!!! The Universe got your back!
You just keep your steady pace and progress, and focus on your intention. Don't get distracted by falseness and frightful voices. See the possibilities and make connections. Don't you think it's about time that you manifest things you need in your life!?


(And, some days before, I got this reflection regarding the very theme appearing today, family/home:

I've written it before, but I would like to repeat it (repetition being the mother of knowledge):

My cards help me so much in building courage, confidence, patience, trust, self-esteem, self-knowledge and connection with my soul, emotions, purpose and intuition <3

And to continue on the grateful list (mentioned yesterday, and it is as well today's assignment in the 'Surrender, Trust, Gratitude'-course I take): 

* I'm very grateful for my decks!
* And I'm very grateful for all the sweet individuals who support me, on my colourful journey - each one in their own way, in their own pace and in their own capacity!


Decks #15 and #30: Chalice Tarot and Eclectic Tarot.