Trickster, Native Spirit Oracle


Theme: "you have ancient wisdom residing within you - read the signs of the land"

Card: Trickster
"There is a light-hearted, fun aspect of the trickster, but there's also the caution to tread carefully because things are not as they seem." Don't take things at face value.
"Look beneath the surface."

Hence, I would conclude that 'decisions' are risky today! And high-lighting the (my) theme of (for) the deck - "read the signs of the land". That is - not to trust your eyes, nor your head. 

And in case of uncertainty - refrain from decisions, and maybe be extra careful before reacting, or blurting out those words!

"...try to find humor or gentle amusement in seemingly difficult situations."

This is also very much in line with the Course in Miracles - "what you see is not real".
Just as the world can look flat when you look with your 'ordinary eyes'. Just like anything that moves away from you 'gets smaller' to the naked eye - or if you caught it in a camera. 
Eyes are deceiving - especially in combination with the mind's interpretation of them, with its (always) limited information. In that sense, there's a Trickster #archetype in all of us.
(approximately) 94% of our existence is yet unknown - a fact that at least make me careful to make judgment, assumptions, or thinking that "I" have enough knowledge to have "The Answer". 

There's a huge difference between irrational and non-rational.
"Read the signs of land"!
Or, #42

And. Everything happens for a reason.
For the Universe to know - for You and I to find out!

I guess anything can happen today (too)?!

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