Two of Cups + Six of Cups, Gill + Maker's


Let your creativity lead the way - forward!

The theme I've ascribed the Gill Tarot is "follow the clew through the labyrinth of life", as in the introduction, the creator writes about this. Interesting then that the newest addition to my collection paired up - Maker's Tarot. 
Clew - yarn - crafts.

(The Maker's Tarot certainly was eager to make an appearance by the way!
It's my latest addition to my collection, received only four days ago.
Considering that I now have 183 decks, and use a random number generator for deck picking, the probability for a deck to show up isn't that great.)

I was a little perplexed when turning over the C2, in the light of all the resistance shown in the last couple of days. Quite the turn. What lovely things will this day bring, that I have no idea what it might be?! I thought.
I assumed it was only half the message. And rightly, I was asked to draw another card. 
(When drawing card(s) of the day I always ask my dice if I should draw a second - hence the 1 or 2 cards)

As hinted at yesterday, the worst seems to be over now - ego resistance finally subsides - and the energy is finally moving more freely again. Here comes the advice on how to proceed! 
Follow the creativity forward!
And I think you know exactly what this means to you :)

"Love/happiness/union" will not come from dwelling on or trying to patch up what's been (or how things 'should be/should've been') - scrapbooking memories/C6.
Love and happiness now comes from deciding to use your valuable unique creativity to build and contribute to something new. "Follow the clew" - use your creativity in the direction where the energy surrounding you rises, and people support/join you! <3 
(Don't "drag people along" or "convince" them to follow...)

The past is just that - past. Turn the page. Choose new pictures. 
Or even - start a whole new book!
And if bringing something from the past - bring your stories and memories of strength!

Deck: Gill Tarot
Theme: "follow the clew through the labyrinth of life"
Card: Two of Cups

Deck: Maker's Tarot
Theme: "make something of/follow your creativity"
Card: Six of Cups (R)