Two of Cups + Ten of Cups, Glastonbury Tarot


Theme: "mirror living / a look in the mirror"

Wow. What happened here. 
Firstly, I draw the first Two of Cups in my 'Card of the Day' series. 368 cards, and the first C2. I have drawn 10 Hermits, 9 Queen of Cups and 9 Pages of Swords - and NO Two of Cups. And this comes at a time when I really don't feel the C2 vibe..!
Then I ask whether do draw another deck/card - yes - and get the Glastonbury Tarot again..! Out of 150 decks.
And get the Ten of Cups. Of course I'm not feeling that vibe either!

I can't help but to think - are they really in reversed? As I can't "allow reversed" in any settings in the app I'm using for the Glastonbury.

But - if I were to get reversed version I should have gotten a deck where I could draw it?

Or is the theme of the deck the primary thing here?
Is this (my situation, my now) how Love and Happiness looks in my life now?
Or is it a confirmation that the potential for Love and Happiness are buried under the thick layer of "other stuff" my Ego see, sense and feel?

It's a mystery that wont be answered any time soon.


Glastonbury Tarot: Two of Cups + Ten of Cups