Two of Pentacles, Robin Wood Tarot


Theme: "finding the path through 'the woods/scrubby terrain'"

Card: Two of Pentacles - The Juggler, Balance
"Ability to handle several things at once. Harmony in the midst of conflict and change. Fun and games. Knowing the ropes. Balance in self and in life; control"
Reversed "Too much to handle. Instability. Lack of control. Forced gaiety."


"In an inverted position, the Two of Pentacles warns that you are overcommitted and, at times, struggling to maintain your overloaded schedule or stay on top of your bills."
"You may need to bring more structure to your responsibilities through budgets, to do lists, forward planning or a diary and effective time management. Turn down opportunities that are no longer in alignment with your goals."
"...can also be a sign you are over-investing in one area of your life at the expense of others."
"...invites you to reassess your priorities and goals and decide where you want to spend your time and energy. Distractions are plenty, and it will take every ounce of your concentration to stay true to your goals."

Can't really feel or see what this could mean. Maybe I'm doing and letting myself get distracted by somewhat irrelevant/not so fruitful things/actions/directions? And maybe buying too much stuff "not totally in line with life goals"? I feel I'm maybe buying too much horsey things. Stuff "needed for the winter" - while not really knowing if and how long I will keep'em. And I've put quite some money into a hunting examination, and I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it, and not sure how to proceed IF I make it..!
Further advice/comments please.

Mystic Mondays Tarot
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