Two of Pentacles, Spirit Tarot


Focus on you balance and staying grounded.
Focus on the work that needs to be done behind the scenes - within.
It's the only way to achieve good "results" in the long run.

Continuing on yesterday's story. 
Maybe something, or someone, has rubbed you a little the wrong way.
It's Mercury retrograde after all.

If you don't know what to say, or how to say it - say nothing, and focus on your own stability.
It's most probably just your ego 'thinking' something needs to be said, or done, or be in another way.
When in fact silence might be what's truly needed.

When something really truly needs to be said, you know it. And you know what to say. And your mind is calm.

For now, quiet your thoughts about the situation, and just "quietly study it from above".
Like the sturdy tree in the card, looking like it has lived forever, and 'seen it all'.
Nothing new under the sun.

Let go and distance yourself from eventual drama (within or without), and look at it as a play. A scene from The Play of Life, where my and your life situation is 'merely' one stage among many, many, many others. 
With characters picked by "central casting", and a story directed by the universe itself.
Right now things would probably just get (more) messy if you focus on insisting on sitting in the director's chair!
Check the script.
Maybe now is a scene where you don't have any lines?  

Deck: Spirit Tarot
Theme: behind the scenes, play of lights and shadows, magic
Card: Two of Pentacles
"Difficulty in launching new projects, difficult situation arising"