Two of Pent's + Ace of Cups, Crowley Thoth + Bones


Themes: "a higher calling/destiny related" + "hard facts"

Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot: Two of Discs (R) - Change
"Dance the dance of change. What you consider valuable and worthless is changing."
"You are not the servant, but also not the master of circumstances."
"It is about your skill in having a sure hand for existing challenges and opportunities. It's time for a farewell to some attitudes and beliefs that were previously very influential for you, but which have become worthless. Other values and/or areas of life come into your life. For the development of your personality, that is already a blessing."
LOVE: "Expect unexpected confirmations, but also with uncertainties when familiar realities are expanded into new dimensions. But fear not."
HAPPINESS: "Any real change is connected to a reassessment. Life's priorities change. Previous principles are ambiguous formative habits appearing ambivalent, and new responsibilities are added to the old. You stand right in the center and experience yourself as never before."
But maybe delayed and/or exceedingly unexpected (reversed)?
The Tarot of Bones: Ace of Cups (R)
"Few of us come to a new emotional bond as a clean state."
"...often describes as "baggage"."
"Each experience we have with others makes us more capable"
"...signifies the birth of new feelings"
"I tend to see it as a card of resilience, as the birth of emotional awareness and connection can occur even in the most trying of times."
"a reminder that I bring myself to every relationship I am in, and that means bring something of value."
"...indicates a toxic relationship that needs to be curbed"
"...also lets me know there is some piece of my past that I need to let go of."
"I may be holding on to memories that no longer help me, or behaviors I learned in the past that are now causing more harm than good."