Two of Swords, Fire Tarot


Theme: "Inner Fire/Passion"

This is not the deck I connect with the most.
But lets find out what it might try to tell us shall we?!

A blasting funeral fire on the 2oS?
Not much about impasse, choices or crossroads in that, as symbolised in the traditional 2oS. Pretty much no traces of air or swords. Some indecision maybe, in the dark moonlit night.
But, a rather clear "no turning back" - the only way is forward - feeling.

So maybe the message is something along the lines:

'You might think that you have a choice to make (the traditional S2), but you actually don't.
The choice has already been made, dear! (Inner Fire/Passion wise)
You are not at an impasse, you are in the land between death and rebirth - new things are being born, that will ignite your inner passion and rejoice your soul!'

Deck: Fire Tarot
Card: Two of Swords
"(India) the funeral pyre allows the spirit of the deceased to be purified and conducted towards a mystical ascension."

If you really relax your tired body and mind, lean back and close your eyes, can you not feel the tingling joy of finally coming alive in your soul?