Two of Swords + Four of Cups, Servants of the Light + Cosmic Tribe


Theme: "being a light bringer" + "we humans might live on earth, but there's a greater context than that" and "let love flourish wherever it goes"


Maybe the most famous Light Bringer: Lucifer - "a Latin name for the planet Venus in its morning appearances" (wiki)
In Sweden we have Lucia.

I still really, really don't know what my purpose and assignment in life and on Earth is - but I believe it has something to with "bringing light" (as in awareness/raising consciousness). Something like this maybe:

"You are a Bringer of the Light, and your current lifetime will bring you absolutely everything you need to awaken to this sacred purpose.
You've elected to be here, during these times of vast, far-ranging energetic change, in order to make a considerable difference to the status quo. You're here to literally hold and balance the Energies as they shift, flux and flood"

"You will touch other people's lives, encourage them to open their hearts, free their minds and elevate their personal vibration." (healingenergytools)

And I'm at the moment in a phase like this:

"Many times these experiences feel very emotional and de-stabilising. Sometimes all that you know as safe and familiar is seemingly ripped away, or broken down before your eyes. Occasionally you are led, through unexpected meetings and events...[...] your inner energetic Light Codes are fired up."
"Your logical mind will scream, loudly. Not much will sometimes seem to make rational sense. Just keep noticing the signs and signals; be conscious of the synchronicity and Divine Hand in your life" (healingenergytools)

There's a magical pull at work.

To be sure, I took a test ;)

"Congratulations! You are a Light Bringer. From a very high seat on the council far away through our galaxies, you have come to Earth to lend and shine your light so that the earth and it's inhabitants can evolve."
"You may have gone through a lot in your life but unfortunately, this is apart of your journey. As a lightbringer, in order to find yourself, you must go through some rough patches until you reach a certain age and find another Light Bringer who may just say one thing to you, and suddenly all your codes are unlocked. Things become clear or your perspective on things changes. You begin to develop a wisdom that others don't understand.
But the one thing a Light Bringer always feels, no matter the environment, is loneliness. You are also intensely compassionate but very easily hurt. You don't feel it is very easy to be you, and you might be right, but the reason for this is just that your mission on Earth is too great.
" (test)


The Cosmic Tribe Tarot is equipped with three different kinds of Lovers - one ordinary, and 2 gay versions. Hence the "Let love flourish wherever it would grow".


Servants of the Light: Two of Weapons ('Two of Swords')
"Whatever the circumstances, this card means it is definitely time for a decision."
Cosmic Tribe Tarot: Four of Cups - Luxury
"What we really enjoy in luxury are the deluxe feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and comfort. And while you may choose to adorn them with beautiful object, these feelings come from inside and cannot be bought or sold."
"Should the Four of Cups indulge your reading, see how your world overflows with luxurious feelings. There is no need to grasp at them or buy them in frenzy. Just open yourself to satisfaction right now. Soak in the luxury of friendship. Breathe in the security your work affords you, or the freedom your unemployment offers you."
"But remember, like all emotions, luxury is ephemeral. Gratification is never forever. If you become overly attached and force it to happen again and again, you may find yourself pushing luxury into debauchery.


So - In the Name of the Light a decision needs to be made, to let love flourish where it grows - and to enjoy the luxury of it?
Without getting attached to it - this fine line.
Which I'm struggling a bit to find my balance on, because of floods of conflicting emotions - reversed cards.
But that's where I am - and should be!