Two of Swords, New Chapter Tarot


Cross-roads - where, when and how to start the new chapter?!
Sorry - you can't THINK your way through this one (either) :)

Only five days ago the (in my collection very new deck) New Chapter Tarot appeared last time. Considering I pick the decks randomly, and have 184 of them, it's not THAT likely.

Then as one of two cards, with a theme seeming to hoover around relationships.

The New Chapter is probably more than just leaving/beginning anew in a relationship.
It's bigger than that. 
It's probably a great shift of some sort happening. 

"We don't walk away to teach people a lesson. We walk away because we finally learned ours."

Big shifts are often quite uncomfortable!
Somethings they happen quickly, and you are 'thrown in the water and just have to learn to swim'.
Other times - like now - they are sloooow. 
You're "done with the old, but kinda stuck in it", and/or really not comfortable in the new's new - It's unfamiliar!!!
It's not uncommon for cord-cutting to raise anxiety and/or heavy anguish.  
Even if it's the clear choice, even if what you're leaving behind have become 'more bad than good', even if what you're leaving behind is 'pure hell'! 
What you are leaving behind was known, it felt comfortable. For many of us comfortable is a tough call leaving.

Think about the baby's screams when leaving the womb. 
But - it had to be done.
The time was ripe.

But even if the time is ripe for a big shift now, the direction isn't clear.
Even if there's a great shift in the making, it's not about "making a (big) decision".
It's about 'letting it happen'.
It's about enduring the uncomfortable time when it's all unfolding, and the 'right way/choices' becomes obvious and clear to you!

Deck: New Chapter Tarot
Theme: What it says :)
Card: Two of Swords (R)  

One step at the time!
Do the one thing most obvious for you to do right NOW - one after another - and the path ahead will open up!