Two of Wands, Infinite Visions Tarot


Theme: "perceiving more perspectives than your head can cope with"

Card: Two of Wands
"Your spiritual growth seems to be the reason behind most events in your life." No kidding!!! Exactly what I've been written about a couple of days now. That there's no point in searching for other or "better doors", no reason for "wishing things to be better/funnier/faster" - everything is exactly as it should be, and I have everything I need for happiness right here, right now. And it is like everything in my life/surroundings "freezes" when I have spiritual lessons I need to learn and/or finish. Although it feels like it's more about soul lessons than spirit lessons. Or maybe, a combination, spirit/soul being quite abstract phenomena.
"When you open up to your spiritual side and listen to that whisper of guidance there is no going back." No. There isn't. If I fall back into old behaviours or ways to do or deal with/solve things, it is apparent that the things that seemed to move slowly or badly suddenly move even slower and more badly..! The more I resist life, the more life resists me. The more I resist "doing my spiritual homework" the longer things take, the slower things develop.
Very often the homework is "just about waiting" - for pieces of information to drop in, for "enough things to happen", for "people to catch up", for processes and events to unfold. There are SO many more perspectives to each and every situation and event than just mine - a fact that the ego with all its wishes and wants are quite reluctant to admit, consider and conform to!

There's so much tension, worry and anxiety in my body.
But soul (or spirit) wise there's absolutely no reason. There's nowhere else to go. There's nowhere better to be. I'm growing more than ever, right here, right now.
Growing more and more happy!
The only true wish I've ever had (that, and to get married ;) )!


When I was a little boy I always made the same wish when it would come time to blow out the candles on the birthday cake. Where I grew up, the custom was to close your eyes, make a secret wish in your mind, then try to blow out all the candles with a big "whoooosh." If you blew out all the candles, your wish would come true. That was the procedure, and I took it very seriously.

Here's what I did, every year on my birthday.

I'd close my eyes and make the following wish in my mind:

"Eternal happiness for everybody, including me."

Then, I'd blow like mad to get those candles out. I didn't usually have any trouble extinguishing all the candles (except for one time when my brother installed fake ones that wouldn't blow out.)

You were also supposed to keep your wish secret afterwards, and I scrupulously observed this rule for many years. Finally, Dewey, one of my neighborhood buddies, pressed me hard to reveal my wish. Since I'd kept it secret so many other times, I didn't figure it would hurt to let it on just once. I told Dewey I wished for all of us to be happy all the time. He was flabbergasted. "I know you want a BB gun and a bike," he said. "Why didn't you wish for one of those? You shouldn't waste your wish on something like happiness. And besides, nobody can be happy all the time."

I explained to him that I always wished for happiness because if I was happy then it wouldn't matter if I got a bike or didn't. I also explained my theory about being happy all the time: If you'd ever felt happiness, even for a second or two, it meant that you could feel happy all the time. It was just a matter of tweaking the machinery. The budding philosopher in me had already thought this through.

I remember Dewey muttering something about me being out of my mind. I couldn't argue with that, but unlike him, I didn't think it was necessarily such a bad thing. If he and other people were securely in their minds-and they weren't happy and didn't think it was possible to be happy-maybe being a little out of your mind could be useful.

The "Dewey" barrier is probably the first one you're probably going to run into if you decide you want to be happy all the time. Someone will step up and tell you it just isn't possible. The person who tells you this is very likely not to be a happy person, so if you can muster the courage, I suggest that you not take the advice. Taking advice on happiness from a person who's not happy is kind of like getting advice on being a vegetarian from a person who's munching a cheeseburger. I didn't take Dewey's advice or anybody else's and I'm glad. I have some more to say about this whole problem later.

For now, though, let me say this: There are some of you who are determined to be happy all the time. You don't care whether other people think it's possible. You think it's possible and you're bound to find out if you can do it. You're my people.

Gay Hendricks


"When the Two of Wands appears in a Tarot reading, you are not ready to make your move - it is more important that you establish a clear plan before proceeding. The Two of Wands is also about discovery, particularly as you step outside your comfort zone and explore new worlds and experiences. It may take courage to set out, but this card gives you the confidence of self-knowledge. You know what your goal is and are sure of its eventual fulfilment. Let your intuition and passion guide you as you confirm your next steps." (biddy)