Two of Wands + Knight of Wands, Vampyres + Many Doors


(Tomorrow I will hopeful have a new computer, allowing me to again add pictures as I want them to the posts)

Now you're past the gestation phase, the birthing of that new inspiration and planting of the seed. Like yesterday's advice suggested - sit with it. Or, raise up, but do not move forward just yet - non-action is still the best action! Let 'the future come to you' - and surprise you! 
Let go of any preconceptions of 'the future' (coming present moments) - and allow for things to become even better then you ever could have imagined. Don't just "manifest" - allow for Miracles to happen!

Don't shrink from the fact that you don't know what the future looks like - that's in perfect order.  
Stand strong and tall, determined to proceed with what you've begun!
Do not falter in your choice of direction - conserve your energi, and beware engaging in things/persons 'merely draining (sucking) it'. 

No need to press forward - the right doors will open theirselves, when time is ripe.

Deck: Vampyres Tarot
Theme: "energy drainage" or "nurturing yourself/feeding another on the vital essence (blood) of the living"
Card: Two of Scepters
"Standing firm. Persistence and tenacity."
Indicates that "...we can achieve anything and that we can master any situation."
Time to "...stand proud, believe in our convictions and concentrate our power toward our goals and desires."
The goals and desires of your Soul and Higher Self.

Deck: Many Doors Tarot
Theme: "The future is queer" unknowable and unconventional - if you let it!